Categorize projects and tasks using the “Project Type” module

Very often businesses that have a portfolio of projects within different industries need the option of categorizing the projects. However the core version of Odoo does not support such functionality, even though in some cases can be used the Tags option, however in that case it is difficult to group the project by category since the Tag field is many2many​.

The “Project Type” module makes this functionality possible. It is a very simple module that introduces the Type​ field in the Project and Task models. Each Project or Task can belong only to one Project Type. Once the projects are categorized they can be grouped using the Group By: Type​ option.

 Group By Project Type

The different project types can be set up in the Project > Configuration > Project Types​. Each Project Type can have multiple Subtypes. The available fields for each Project Type are:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Parent Type
  • Description
  • Can be applied for Projects
  • Can be applied for Tasks

The last two listed options are used to configure the Project Type where to be shown in Projects and/or Tasks. In the tab "Subtypes" can be found all the related Subtypes. Additionally, can be created new directly from there.

 Project Type Form View

The Project Manager group has full access rights to the Project Types, while every user in the system can see them in the projects and tasks.

One possible improvement for the module can be when a certain type is selected in a project, on creation of a related task the same Type to be selected as the default value, with option to be edited if needed. Because from a business perspective, it can be expected that the project's related tasks would have the same Project Type. To provide more flexibility this option can be customizable per Project Type.

The module is maintained by Odoo Community Association (OCA) and the latest available version is