Expand the Modals in Odoo with the Web Dialog Size module

The modals in Odoo by default are static, making it impossible to adjust their size or move their position. Which in some cases can be challenging for the users. Especially when dealing with modals that contain an extensive amount of data, such as a list view with numerous columns.

The Web Dialog Size module enables the modals to resize in width, with two possible options: the native size provided by Odoo and a full-width view. Once the module is installed the "Expand" icon can be found in the right corner of a modal just before the close button. On click of the icon the modal is resized to full-width and the icon is switched to a "Compressed" icon, on click of which the modal returns to its original size.

Additionally, it is possible the option full-width to be the default one. However, there is no available setting for it in the configuration settings, instead, a System Parameter needs to be created manually. 
The parameter can be added from the Technical menu which is available on the Settings page when developer mode is activated. By clicking on the System Parameters menu in the Parameters section a list view will be shown with all parameters available in the system. A new one can be created by clicking on the button New. The key for this parameter needs to be web_dialog_size.default_maximize​ while the value needs to be set to True​. 
It is important to mention that in case the module is not anymore needed and it is uninstalled from the system this parameter will need to be removed manually from the System Parameters table.

In addition to the resizing feature that this module provides, it also adds the draggable option for the modals. This means that the modals are no longer static and can be easily moved anywhere on the screen. This can be especially useful in situations where it's necessary to reference data on the screen while working within the modal.

This module is maintained by the Odoo Community Association and it is available for Odoo 16 and all previous versions.

In addition is a short video with the module’s features.