The Advanced Filter option in Odoo

The native Odoo filtering functionality can be limiting for some use cases, especially when searching by relational data. Also, the drop-down does not provide the best user experience when there are many fields to choose from. 

This is where the “Web Advanced Search” module fits in. It makes the filtering much easier with the type-to-search field option. Also, it provides the option of searching by relational data, which is very useful feature. A few examples where the search can be done only with the Advanced Filter are:

  • Filtering Quotations with customers from a particular country or
  • Filtering Invoices with customers that have credit limit less than a certain amount

The Advanced Filter is a really useful functionality that not only can speed up the work in the system but allows doing searches which are not possible with the native filtering option by Odoo. This module is highly recommended for anyone who is using Odoo 16 or any of the previous versions. However, in Odoo 17 this feature will be available in the native version of Odoo.

The module is maintained by the Odoo Community Association (OCA).

In addition is a short video with the module’s features.