Overview of the Sale Financial Risk module

Sale Financial Risk module extends the Account Financial Risk by providing control of the customer’s credit limit in the sales order. This allows the system to include the financial risk check at the initial phase of the sales process and prevent a quote from being confirmed if the credit limit for the customer is exceeded.

Once the module is installed in the partner’s "Financial Risk" tab can be found two additional fields: “Include Sales Orders” in the General Limits and “Limit Sales Orders” in the Specific Limits.

Financial Risk Tab

When the “Include Sales Orders” is selected, the Sales Orders risk amount will be included in the customer’s Total Risk. The sales order risk amount is a sum of the sales orders’ total amount which is not invoiced. On quote confirmation, the system will check if the total risk exceeds the total credit limit specified for that customer. In case it is exceeded a warning message will be shown.

Additionally, it is possible to specify a specific limit for the sales orders in the field “Limit Sales Orders”. If the field is set, on quote confirmation it will be checked if the specific limit exceeds the total of the quote’s total amount and sales orders’ risk amount. If it does a warning message will be shown with info that the sales orders limit is exceeded.

Furthermore, in the Accounting / Invoicing Configuration Settings can be found the option “Include orders in done state”. This option extends the range of orders used in the financial calculations, not only to orders with the state “Sale Order” but it adds the orders with the state “Locked” as well. This option can be very useful for business cases where the "Lock Sales Order" option is used. 

The warning message that is shown on quote confirmation, when any of the specified credit limits exceeds, can be overpassed by the Financial Risk Manager user. However, for other users, the confirmation will be blocked while the credit limit issue is not resolved.

Similarly to other Financial Risk limits, this module provides a convenient way of overviewing the financial data that contributes to the sales order financial risk.
By clicking on the total sale order risk amount will open the “Financial Risk Information” view where are listed all commercial partners related to the customer, that have an impact on the total risk amount, with information about their risk amounts and quantities. On click of the risk amount on any of the lines will open a list view with all sales order lines which are part of the calculation.

This module is a great addition to the Account Financial Risk module making the financial risk management for sales orders more convenient to implement by covering a wider range of business cases.

The module is maintained by the Odoo Community Association (OCA).