How to hide Odoo Information Page from a website

Every website developed with Odoo comes by default with a publicly available page that lists all installed addons in the system. Here are two methods how to hide this page:

1. Deactivating the Template for the Page:
   This approach hides all information on the page, displaying an empty page ​    when visitors attempt to access the URL.

  • The simplest way to disable the template is from the "Customize" tab in Edit Mode.
    Once the page is opened in edit mode the toggle for "Odoo Information" can be found in the "Customize" tab. By turning the toggle to Off the template for the page will be disabled.
  • Disable the template "Show Odoo Information" from the Technical Menu under the User Interface section: 
    Settings > Technical Menu > User Interface > Views.
    The view can be disabled by turning off the "Active" toggle.

2. Disabling the Controller for the URL /website/info​:
    This change ensures that when visitors try to access the URL,
    a 404(Not Found) Page​ will be displayed.

  • Create a 404 redirect by navigating to:
    Website > Configuration > Redirects.
  • Configure the redirect action as 404 Not Found​ and set the URL From​ as /website/info.

Additionally, to prevent the page from being indexed by search engines, the Robots.txt​ file needs to be updated with a new rule: "Disallow: /website/info". This can be accomplished by going to:
Website > Configuration > Settings > SEO > Edit Robots.txt.