How to make images partially overlap in Odoo website

Starting from Odoo 16 it is possible to make an image partially overlap over another image in the website. 

In order for that to be possible it is needed the layout for the block to be set to “Grid”. That can be done by opening the “Edit” mode, selecting the block and on the right side in the “Customize” section select Layout: Grid. When that is set, below the Layout option is shown “Add Elements” option with three possible choices: Image, Text and Button.
Each of them can be set as an additional element above the initial image.

Website Block Layout Customization

By clicking on the “Image” option it is shown a default image, which can be replaced with another one by double clicking on it. Additionally the image can be re-positioned, resized or moved to back if that is needed.

Multiple images can be added by clicking multiple times on the “Image” option. Every image can be positioned in different part of the block.

In mobile view, all images, unless excluded, will be displayed as separate sections one by one.