How to schedule a blog post for publishing in Odoo

Having a “Schedule to Publish” functionality is essential for every blog platform. However, in Odoo this option is less prominent. While there is a clear “Published” toggle, the “Schedule to Publish” needs a few more steps to discover. 

To schedule a blog post in Odoo the process is following:

  1. Open the Edit mode of the Website
  2. Go to the blog post
  3. Set the Published Toggle to ON
  4. Open the settings page for the blog post
  5. In the “Publishing Date” field set the date when the blog post needs to be published
  6. Save the changes or exit the view and the changes will be automatically saved

The post even marked as published is not visible to anyone until the selected “Publishing Date”.

It is also fine to set the “Publishing Date” at first and then set the Published toggle to ON because when the “Publishing Date” is set in the future, the “Published” toggle will not override it.